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About uspace.aero

We are technical company focused on unmanned air traffic management. We lead R&D activity into UTM solutions. Our activity focuses on UAV identification, localization and detect, sense & avoid issues and as an integration need we implement aeronautical data sharing and processing for unmanned traffic management purposes.

Our team's engineers have solid aeronautical, electronic and IT experience with over 20 years of unmanned aerial systems development.

We provide UTM support designated to safely manage future congested U-space traffic.

Our pioneering research on WiFi and narrowband networks are promising and leads to develop UAV e-identification, localization and detect, sense & avoid technologies which are introduced as SESAR U-space key functions.

We always want to share our aeronautical and technical knowledge and experience so we conduct cyclical UAS ariborn trainings and technical workshops.

Our trainers are UAVO INS licensed and provide high level IT and technical information according UAS BVLOS and autonomous flight equipment.

Our gateway to Eurocontrol Network Manager B2B Webservices supports AIXM and FIXM aeronautical data exchange models and provides full access to airspace and flight data that can be used to UAV safe operations planning.

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    REGON: 366472149
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  • 02-070 Sulejówek
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